Culture, Sport and Relaxation

Cultural monument lovers will be pleased as well. The citizens of Zabreh celebrated the 760th anniversary of the first written reference of the town. This long history is apparent to visitors at every turn. And because the inhabitants of Zabreh are also proud of their native Jan Eskymo Welzl, they have introduced a tradition in town – „Welzling“. This is a festival full of events, forums and lectures on traveling, as well as the strangest competitions ever and funny shows for the spectators. Twice a year the quiet life of the town changes completely. The squares and adjacent streets fill with stands offering various goods, as well as musical sounds and majorettes and actors in costumes marching amidst between the travelers. The traditional spring and autumn fairs were held for ages and the local people managed to revive them thirty years ago. As regards to the number of cultural events, Zabreh is second to none in comparison with the larger towns in the region. As a rule, most of the cultural events take place in the Culture House. The traditional events include „Zabrezsky Slavicek“ (Zabreh Nightingale), which is a performance of children´s choirs and „Kalikuv podzim“ (Kalik´s Autumn).
„Zabrezska opona“ (Zabreh Curtain) is an unusual festival which presents theatre groups composed of kindergarten and elementary school actors. Another important event is „Vaclavovsky kulturni podzim“ (Wenceslas´Cultural Autumn) full of theatrical performances. The Retro Cinema, which has been digitalised since 2012, plays an important role in cultural life of the town. However, it is not an ordinary cinema. It has even hosted the world premieres of several films. The films in question were shot according to the books of Vladimir Korner, who is the town´s citizen of honour and whose family still lives in Zabreh. As early as 1964, Zabreh hosted a pre-premiere of „Reserved Ticket with No Return“ and, four years later, the premiere of „The Valley of the Bees“ by Frantisek Vlacil. An interesting afternoon can be spent by visiting the Parish Museum located in the tower of The Church of St. Bartholomew where a permanent exhibition of the history of the parish is supplemented by occasional special exhibitions. The „Tunkluv dvorec“ gallery (Tunkl Estate Gallery) offers not only exhibitions but also a number of concerts, forums and autograph signings with literary and other cultural personalities.

The gently rolling terrain surrounding the town is an ideal setting for family trips as well as for more rigorous training. All visitors can choose from the network of marked or recommended cycling routes. Zabreh itself offers to sport enthusiasts all necessary facilities and comforts. First league bowling, football and volleyball are played in town. Zabreh´s canoeists have made their mark in national and international competitions and the local billiard-hockey club has similarly made a name for itself. The town boasts with the tennis courts, a sport stadium and with a municipal stadium that is undergoing a gradual but extensive reconstruction. You can raise your adrenaline levels also in the rope centre or on the climbing wall in the Adrenaline Park in Bozenov near Zabreh. An indoor swimming facility with a slide that lies not far from the wooded valley of the Moravska Sazava River offers a number of other attractions in addition to swimming. The unique race named „Welzluv kvadriatlon“ (Welzl´s Quadriatlon) is, above all, an event to commemorate this famous native of the town. This race might not be classified as a typical sport but its level is nevertheless almost professional. Zabreh is also the home of Kysely´s family which is involved in a very new sport. A herd of beautiful horses, European champions in endurance horse racing, frolic in the pastures surrounding their home.