The advantageous position of Zabreh was known centuries ago. However, nowadays businessmen and entrepreneurs enjoy advantages which were not available to their predecessors – the highway from Mohelnice to Sumperk and excellent train and bus connections. The main city of Olomouc Region – Olomouc is situated about 47 kilometres far from Zabreh. The city is an ideal place for conducting business, not only because of its strategic position. Compared to bigger cities, Zabreh has two other advantages – besides lower land prices, it can offer a qualified, flexible and available workforce which has, in comparison with other regions, lower labour costs. Zabreh supports the development of business in all possible ways. The Town Hall has designated several industrial zones of supra-regional significance in the new land-use plan, intended for both domestic and foreign investors which are anchored in the strategic development documents of the Olomouc Region. Each of them is already provided with utility lines or ready to be connected to them. All offer convenient connections to important roads and railway links. This opens up the possibility of effective cooperation among businesses. Among the largest of them is the Lestinska II locality which covers an area of about 64.8 hectares. The waste-water treatment plant, sewerage, electricity and gas supplies are also present in the other smaller zones – Lestinska III (7.3 hectares), and Sadova II (6.8 hectares). The town is also developing an effort to create advantageous conditions for conducting business by offering consultancy services for investors. The town draws the attention to the announced grant programs and advises them how to get subsidies from the European Union or the Olomouc Region. All these efforts lead to one target – the satisfaction of those investors who will permanently settle down in Zabreh that will result into a decreased unemployment rate and economical development of the entire region. The effectiveness of this strategy has been proven by the businesses that are currently implementing their plans in Zabreh.