Town and the Surrounding Areas

There are a few towns in our country that can boast with an ideal geographical position and – at the same time – with an ideal climatic conditions. One of them is Zabreh, situated directly on the border of the fertile Hana Region and the foothills of rough Jeseniky Mountains, surrounded by the hills of Zabreh Lowlands. It is evident at the first sight that Zabreh´s greatest advantage is a beautiful countryside, almost completely untouched, inviting one to go on hiking or cycling trips.

The town is a natural centre of the Zabreh Micro-Region which, with its thirty villages around, becomes to be the largest Micro-region accross the whole Olomouc Region. The villages lying on the Micro-Region´s border tend to be included into foothill territory. The surrounding healthy countryside provides a perfect opportunity for farmers whose organic products are delivered to customers far beyond the borders of the region. A popular destination for trips is Brezna Nature Park whose pristine natural environment provides a breath-taking experience for visitors. The Dolni Businov cottage settlement offers a resort for swimming and relaxation as well as a campsite and an outdoor park for visitors of all ages. Adrenaline sport enthusiasts will enjoy the Stity Acrobat Park, located just fifteen kilometres away. You will have the opportunity to meet the founder of the largest summer jumping centre in Europe – Olympic´s champion Ales Valenta. You may also try an acrobatic jumps on skis under the supervision of top instructors (with a soft landing in water) or you may jump on a trampoline. Brnicko Castle ruins and Hostejn are also interesting places worth seeing as well as a monument commemorating  the completion of the railway from Olomouc to Prague. Those who enjoy walking in deep forests will certainly want to visit Horni Studenky and Svebohov. You can admire beautiful examples of historical folk architecture there. If you are lucky enough you might catch a glimpse of a herd of an elegant fallow deer or wild sheep in the nearby game reservation park. The renaissance tomb of the Bukuvka´s family in Postrelmov, five kilometres from Zabreh, is certainly worth seeing. The richly ornamented sandstone portal with forged bars is a beautiful example of the work of old master craftsmen. On special occasions the underground section of the tomb, with the mummified bodies of family members, is also open to the public. Thanks to an advantageous position, Zabreh is also an ideal base for trips to the surrounding areas. The most frequent destinations for day trips are – without any doubt – „fairytale“ Bouzov Castle, the Hunting-Forestry Museum at Usov Chateau, or Velke Losiny with a renaissance chateau, extensive spa centre and a unique factory producting hand-made paper – which is located a mere 12 kilometres from Zabreh. Visitors preferring the outdoor scenes rather than man-made creations will be amazed by Mladecske caves, situated in the protected area of the Litovel Moravian Basin, or Javoricske caves with valuable remains of a prehistoric settlement.