Famous Personalities

Jan Eskymo Welzl
Jan Eskymo Welzl(1868–1948)

The most famous personality of Zabreh is Jan Eskymo Welzl (1868 – 1948), polar hunter, traveler, adventurer, writer, and inventor. He traveled across Siberia all the way to the Arctic Ocean and was named an Eskimo chief on the New Siberian Islands. In 1928, he appeared once again in his native Zabreh, after more than thirty years. Several books were later published. They were based on his recollections – „Ice Tales“, „Troubles of an Eskimo Chief in Europe“, and „Thirty Years in the Golden North“. He didn´t stay in Europe for a long time and returned to the „Golden North“. However, he made it only to Dawson City which is situated on the Canadian-American border where he died in 1948.

Wilhelm Brass
Wilhelm Brass(1819–1897)

The history of town is also closely connected with the name of Wilhelm Brass (1819 – 1897), founder of a very influential family of textile entrepreneurs. He established a dye factory in Zabreh in 1856 and became famous throughout the monarchy for his invention of „Turkish Red“ which he used for dyeing coarse yarn. His son Hermann Brass (1855 – 1938) was also influential in the town as a patron of German culture.

Frantisek Kahlik
Frantisek Kahlik(1854–1908)

Frantisek Kahlik (1854 – 1908) was a foremost northern Moravian builder, exceptional educator, historian, and geographer. He was founder of the local high school – the first Czech secondary school in northwestern Moravia, of which he subsequently became director. The exceptional cultural environment of the school also undoubtedly influenced the artistic growth of his son, Vaclav Kalik (1891 – 1951) who went on to become a musical composer.

Josef Macek
Josef Macek(1887–1972)

Josef Macek (1887 – 1971) was another important native. He was economist and journalist.

Lida Novotna
Lida Novotna(1922 - 1986)

Lida Novotna (1922 – 1986) was the film and television costume designer.